About Butt'r Up™

Butt'r Up™ Designs was founded in 2017 by Teresa M. a former teacher and serial entrepreneur. Not being able to find just the right swimsuit bottoms that would lift and shape the derriere, Teresa set out to make one on her own. After practicing with a few prototypes, she was able to make a bathing suit bottom that effectively lifted the little sags under the butt that many women are plagued with.

With that, Butt'r Up™ was born and Teresa was able to obtain a trademarked logo and patent-pending status. Manufacturing was a challenge, but a USA swimsuit manufacturer was able to create the patented design. Teresa's goal was not only to help women feel comfortable and confident in their swimwear but also to embrace women's and everyone's need to have their spirits lifted once in awhile, which is what the phrase "butter up" means and is intended to do--lift one's spirits.

Not wanting to sell just one product, Teresa began sourcing beach and boho-related items from around the world to complement the bathing suit theme and added these items to the website. Butt'r Up Designs prides itself for sourcing the best quality products possible for the price. You may also see the same item retailing for 2-3 times more in the US with a brand label. Butt'r Up brings you the same items under the maker's name, making it easy to save time and money without searching the web for products you love.