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As a first-time author, T. S. Martin is pleased to offer her book, Mind Blown: An A to Z Guide for Raising Consciousness along with her bathing suits and swimwear line. 

Mind Blown is the most recently released book on spiritual self-help and healing. Engage your mind with virtually anything you wanted to know about how to raise your vibrational frequency and ascend to higher levels of soul and self-knowledge.

Martin shares a profound perspective on how to achieve self-empowerment using the energy of consciousness. As a beginning guide for the consciously curious, Mind Blown will teach you how to raise your vibrational frequency to a whole new level of what it means to have human superpowers. Manifest your goals and dreams, achieve more personal potential, and consciously create anything you've ever desired through the power of the mind! 

Mind Blown is a mini compilation of energetic healing methods, esoteric knowledge of the Universe, and different meditation and manifestation methods designed to help bring health, wealth, and happiness into your life.